About Us

“Ratlam” is a historical and important city of Madhya Pradesh. “Ratlami Sev” is the identity of this city and state, whose unique taste is famous in the country and abroad. “Ratlami Sev” made in the climate and environment of Ratlam has a specific geographical identity.
Ratlami sev is made from spices like clove, black pepper, asafoetida which are world famous for their distinctive taste.
Ratlami sev is made in many flavors and types like long sev, garlic sev, asafoetida sev and each one’s unique taste makes it special.

” RATLAMIX ” is carrying forward this special Ratlami tradition and taste and is committed to bring the unique taste of Ratlami Sev to all of you.
Ratlami Sev has been given GI tag under the Geographical Indication of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act 1999 related to World Trade Organization. Sev made from Ratlam is the real Ratlami Sev